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about kim.

about kim.

A lifelong passion for fitness arose from my core belief that the most valuable assets in life are health and fitness. When working with me, all of your sessions will be inspired by that belief. You will receive my support and coaching to reveal your most fit, healthy self — physically and mentally. 

As a group fitness instructor including Pilates and the Megaformer, I aim to promote total body awareness in all of your workouts. In gaining certification from Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach, along with a personal training certification, Pilates workshops and mega former backgrounds, my approach is to create a balanced program for fitness and wellness. Whether you choose to do personal training, nutrition coaching, life coaching or a combination, I am happy to create a personalized program that works for you or your teens.



You and Me. Weekly sessions in person or remotely. Life-changing lifestyle tips and tiny changes with attainable goals. We will work for a minimum of 3 months, since it is a known fact that it takes 3 months to see change in bad habits and set ways. Each week, you will have a safe place to vent all your stressors, crazy moments, highs, lows and frustrations to a loving, non-judgmental health coach who is also a mom and completely understands! At the end of your sessions, you will walk away with a few goals to work on and help you reach your most fit self physically and emotionally.


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As the mom of three teenagers, the need to promote health and fitness in my home became essential. Teaching teenage girls how to have a positive relationship with food is crucial in allowing them to gain self-confidence and feel good about themselves both physically and emotionally. At times, discussing food and choices can be frustrating and confrontational for all parties involved in the home. During my training sessions, I will incorporate nutrition as a secondary conversation. I will serve as both a “trainer” and health coach to my clients (adults and teens) to allow them to achieve their wellness goals. 



A plan designed just for you to lose weight while learning to have a positive relationship with food. Following a consultation, I will design a customized flexible plan for you based on macros. Macros are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins - the three components that make up your diet plan. With my support, you will learn to track your food and we will adjust your macros weekly based on your results. You will be equipped with customized grocery lists, recipes and relevant daily information regarding food, exercise and nutrition. If you are unable to make it to the gym or your favorite class, I can design a workout for you that fits into your schedule whether at home or traveling. You will receive my support throughout the day in a timely fashion by text, email or phone. 

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Thank you for starting YOUR journey with ME!


Looking forward to guiding you on your journey

to create a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

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